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Help: Books

Books are objects which contain printed information on multiple pages that you may peruse at your leisure. This might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many people ask.

Books possess a few special commands:

OPEN BOOK - Open the book to page one.

CLOSE BOOK - Close the book!

READ BOOK - Read the book's current page.

TURN BOOK TO [NEXT/PREVIOUS] - Turn one page forward or back.

TURN BOOK TO [number] - Turn the book to the specified page number.

READ BOOK [number] - Read a particular page in the book.

In addition, blank books that you can write in are available! These have the same commands, plus a few additional ones to help you edit them:

WRITE BOOK - Write on the current page.

ERASE [number] IN BOOK - Erase the specified page. You will also be asked if you wish to replace the page, so you can do this without reordering your pages.

TITLE BOOK IS [anything] - Set the title of your book and finalize it for publishing.

You may sell your finished book at the Space Market!


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