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Help: Autotravel

Autotravel is a function of autopilot engaged when you attempt to "jump" to a temporary sector beacon. The command is TRAVEL.

There are two components to autotravel using temporary space stations: beacons and rift accelerators.

Beacons can work without accelerators. If a temporary beacon is very nearby, your ship may automatically cross sector boundaries at sublight speed to get to it. Otherwise, traveling to a temporary beacon will require a rift drive. Temporary beacons are not suitable for the wormhole drive to lock on to, and so travel to them will not be instantaneous.

Temporary stations that are equipped with an accelerator may also have an external rift insertion module, which will push non-rift-equipped ships into the riftflow.

Autotravel will be cancelled by stopping or changing the heading of the rift drive. If your ship was inserted into the riftflow with an external module and does not have its own rift drive, then you cannot cancel autotravel, and would not want to, since you would end up stranded several years of travel from home.

For station-builders...

Here are the steps to use rift accelerators:
  1. Build a station (Station A) with a rift accelerator.
  2. Build another station (Station B) with a beacon.
  3. Determine the vector from Station A to Station B -- what you would set your rift heading to in order to travel there.
  4. Return to Station A and use the RIFT command to set this heading in the control room. Rift acceleration is now ready.

Most of the time, you will probably want Stations A and B to BOTH have a beacon and a rift accelerator, to allow for swift two-way travel.

A few more tips for setting up rift accelerators:

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