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Help: Asteroid Dog

Hauling asteroids is one of the oldest methods of space material collection. As such, it has a long history of techniques, equipment and myths.

Not so common now in Known Space, with advances in technology and the proximity of major colonies, there are still however plenty of stories that filter through the unreg community. One such tale is that of the "asteroid dog", commonly referred to as a 'roid dog.

Not actually a canine in space of course, the tale refers to the noise that can, very rarely, be heard through the bulkheads of an asteroid hauler when on an asteroid.

The strange howling that can be heard is said to be the call of the 'roid dog, though no one has seen a specimen and returned to tell the tale. At least, no one with evidence.

Called 'nature's perfect killing machine' by those who believe in it, the 'roid dog is given as the reason why some starships never return, or when a vessel is found with an airlock that has been ripped apart without using a hatch cracker.

A creature so capable, so fast and so dangerous that no one can stop it, the 'roid dog is either an ever-present risk, or merely a tale to scare the young.

Is it real? I can't say, I've never seen one. But then I don't go hauling asteroids... for other reasons, of course. But if you ever land your ship on an airless rock and then, just barely, you hear the strange alien sounds of something outside the bulkhead?

Well, it's just the wind, right?

Good haulin'.

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