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Help: Apartments

Apartments are places that your character can rent and furnish to their liking. You will find several apartment buildings scattered across planets and space stations.

Apartments require an initial deposit, as well as rent paid once a month. This rent is due on the first day of every month. If your rent is more than two months overdue, you will lose access to your apartment and eventually be evicted.


You can register for your apartment from any apartment lobby with the REGISTER command. This will offer you a selection of floors where you can place your apartment. Generally, each floor has a different apartment layout, so pay attention to how many bathrooms and other rooms you'll be getting, as well as extra features. Bigger apartments have higher rent, of course. You can only own one apartment in each apartment complex.

You also pay your rent in the lobby by simply using the RENT command.

If you wish to permanently move out of your apartment, use the MOVE command. Since you can only rent one apartment per building, you must do this if you wish to upgrade to a better apartment.


If you're inside an apartment, you can type OPEN DOOR to allow others to enter freely. You'll want to close the door again afterwards, of course.

If you are visiting an apartment, you may use the BUZZ command in the lobby to let the residents know that you've arrived.


You have two commands controlling who can freely enter your apartment: ALLOW and DISALLOW. They do about what you'd expect. You must use them while inside your apartment.

As the original renter of the apartment, you will always be responsible for its rent, no matter who else might be living there.


You might have noticed that your new apartment is filled with a lot of empty rooms! You can fix this with the REPURPOSE command. This will change the room's name and default description, letting you lay out your apartment however you like.

Certain rooms cannot be moved, such as bathrooms. You are not a space plumber.

Furnishing is entirely up to you!


Once your character is wealthy enough, you may end up renting a place at a luxury apartment complex or building. These places tend to have a few extra features:

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