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Help: Advanced Socials

While you can, of course, just type "smile" and then be on your merry way, the social system can also combine commands dynamically as well as integrate them with our smart dialogue system. The following examples should explain themselves:

Command: smile and say Hello.
Output: You smile. "Hello."

Command: frown "What's that?
Output: "What's that?" You frown.

Command: smile and nod
Output: You smile and nod.

Command: frown and headshake 'That's terrible.
Output: You frown and shake your head. "That's terrible."

Command: grin and high belk
Output: You grin and give Gordon Belk a high five.

Command: point lily and glance belk
Output: You point at Lily Calico and glance at Gordon Belk.

Using a right bracket (>) or a left bracket (<) at the end of a social command will force it to be placed before or after your dialogue.

Command: smile> "Hello.
Output: "Hello." You smile.

Command: frown< "What's that?
Output: You frown. "What's that?"

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