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Help: Achievements

Achievements are a way to measure your character's accomplishments with a broader, more task-based approach than license points. An achievement is not something like blowing up your 50,000th ground enemy; that's something license points track. Instead, an achievement is something like destroying your first RATS nest with a rating of "threatening." The goal of the system is to track actually notable accomplishments and provide an alternative path for character advancement.


You'll be notified that you've earned an achievement shortly after you meet the requirements: after blowing up a ship, on completion of a ground mission, and so on.

You can also see all achievements at any time by typing the ACHIEVEMENTS command. This will show you what you've earned and what you can still work towards.


Achievements are not only for bragging rights. They also earn you license points, helping you to qualify for new starships and other equipment. There are two ways that achievements convert to points credit:

Instant Credit: These points will be added to your total immediately upon earning the achievement.

Catchup Credit: These are a little more complicated! Let's use an example: 500 space combat points after six months. Let's say your character is older than six months, is a bit behind at 353 space combat points, and has just earned this achievement. Your character will be instantly caught up, set to a new baseline of 500 space combat points, and future point earnings will be added to this new baseline.

If you find you don't have the time or inclination to grind for points, then catchup credit is a very effective way for you to keep up with grindier characters. By accomplishing these notable goals, your point totals will tend to be similar to those of similarly-aged characters, even if you don't grind that much.

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