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Help: Accents

Accents are a manner of speech occasionally described when characters speak. Your accent is set by a staff member when your profile is approved, based on the information about your character's upbringing contained within it. If you feel your character's accent is inaccurate, you may use the SUPPORT command to inform the staff and suggest a change,

It may not always make sense for your character to be able to precisely identify another character's accent, particularly if your character is from a different alliance or another planet. Use your own judgment.

In terms of good roleplaying practice, your character's accent should preclude the need to type in dialect ("Oi wotcha guvna!"). In literature, when a character's dialogue is represented phonetically as a dialect, it typically signals that the dialect is a purposeful affectation rather than genuine, or that the character is largely incomprehensible to others. Before choosing whether to type in dialect, consider exactly what it is that you wish to convey about your character.

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