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Help: ATMs

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) have completely replaced banks in the Star Conquest universe, and they are essential to managing your funds. ATMs are necessary to take out loans, pay them back, convert currency, and control your insurance account.


There are two types of loans: starship purchase and general. A starship purchase loan allows you to take out an amount of credits in your native currency for the purpose of buying a starter ship. A general loan allows you to take out a lesser amount, but it doesn't affect your ability to purchase ships and it can be spent on anything.

Loans acquire continual interest, and you are expected to pay back at least a fifth every few days. Also, failing to pay back loans will affect your ability to purchase new ships.


ATMs have the ability to convert credits from one alliance's currency to another. There is a small, almost neglible flat fee for conversion.


You may put any amount of money into your insurance account, and withdraw it whenever you wish. The benefit to having money in your insurance account is simple: If a starship for which you hold the title is destroyed, your insurance will pay out additional money to help you replace it.

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