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My parents owned most of the Encatan Peninsula, but I was born and raised in their Velourian estate, as is proper for one of such breeding. My private tutors were the best in the alliance, and I even had history taught to me by a Martian professor, who I suspect accepted the job just to get to see New Earth.

Like Sheffield, Mendes and Fienstein, like all of those who help shape the AEU, I became a student of Christabel College, New Phoenix. I stood beside giants and was their equal. Until the Subjugation of Mankind.

When Sheffield formally surrendered it was a dark time. Our own lands became home to Enforcer drones and there was little in the way of escape. When I returned to my family, I discovered that part of our wealth had come from corporate investments, and their facilities on our lands. Which had been destroyed by orbital bombardment during the assault on our homeworld. To think that my own family would be so crass as to work with CORPORATIONS, how could they not think it would come back to haunt them?

For a time I was as lost as the general populace, I even tried my hand at helping to rebuild but I was ill suited for physical labor. Then I saw people attacking Enforcer drones in the street, though I was far too composed to assist them in some kind of brawl. The 'rebellion' had apparently begun, but I felt that the lower classes were the ones who could do the menial tasks such as this.

But I soon realised that I could not stand apart from my fellows. If I wanted to help make the AEU great once again, I would need to choose the path that allowed me the greatest ability to make change. Which would naturally be in the civilian pilot corp. My family were less than impressed at what they felt was a betrayal of standing, but had they not done worse when they conspired with those only motivated by greed? I wanted to better the alliance! So I continued, and learned from the best that New Phoenix had to offer, and eventually proved myself capable.

I'm used to the finer things in life, so discovering that being a civilian pilot denied me access to most of what I was used to was... disconcerting... to say the least. It's also somewhat depressing to discover that my comrades-in-arms are somewhat lacking in class and suitable behavior, but then I suppose it is my place to show them the way. I'm not really a fighter, but I needed to agree to basic defense procedure in order to gain my licence, so I'll do my part in a conflict, but I'm much better at diplomacy.

I might not be the best in a fight, but any interaction that requires finesse and delicacy is my time to shine.

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