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Help: AEU Government

The current leader of the Alliance of ExtraSolar Unions is: President Stephen Metz
The current governing entity of the Alliance of ExtraSolar Unions is: National Patriots

The government of the AEU is an evolution of the Federal/US Congress style government.

At its top is a President, both head of state and head of government. Below them is the Vice President.

There is a three-term limit for the President, but no term limit for senators or representative ministers.

Congress is comprised of an Upper and Lower House; the Upper House being the Senate and the Lower House being the House of Representatives.

The Senate is made up of 92 senators, one from each elector region in the AEU.

The House of Representatives is made up of 460 representatives, five per elector region as voted for by the general population in each of a region's five constituencies.

* New Earth: 25 regions.
* Hyperion: 20 regions.
* Telex: 15 regions.
* Bikura: 13 regions.
* Endymion: 10 regions.
* Aenea: 8 regions.
* Zion: 1 region.

Elections in the AEU follow a similar pattern to the United States of America today. Each planet has appointed representatives, known as 'electors', who are voted in by the population during a general election by choosing the party of the presidential candidate they wish to be appointed.

These electors, once appointed, will cast one vote for president and another for vice president. The candidates who receive the majority of the electoral college votes are elected and become president and vice president respectively. While technically equal, the worlds of the AEU have different numbers of electors based on their population - split into 'electoral regions'. As such some worlds are much more important than others for an election victory.

There are 92 total electoral regions spread across the 7 planets of the AEU. This means that at least 47 electors must vote for a particular party and presidential candidate before a victory can be determined; though in practice a world's electoral regions will usually (but not always) all go to a single candidate and party once more than half of that world's electors are determined to be for one choice.

This does mean however that in some cases the winner of the election is not necessarily the candidate and party who received a plurality vote (relative majority) from the general public. At its most extreme, a victor could be called by winning half the regions on only three planets out of the seven total in the AEU - such as 13 regions on New Earth, 8 regions on Telex, and 5 regions on Aenea, giving them a majority for each world and thus each world calling for that candidate, resulting in a total elector vote of 48.

In the unlikely event that no singular candidate or party received at least 47 electoral region votes, the 92 members of the Senate vote to appoint the candidate themselves, though this usually appoints the candidate who received the most electoral college votes.

The population of AEU space is approximately 45 billion.
The capital world is New Earth, with the seat of AEU government being housed in the city of Velouria.

Previous Election Results:

2316 - Eric Best/National Patriots victory
2311 - Warren Garner/Green Earth victory
2310 - State of Emergency/No Election
2309 - New Republic government removed by AEU/EAOS, Warren Garner of Green Earth becomes President Pro Tempore
2305 - State of Emergency/No Election
2300 - Christopher Sheffield/New Republic victory
2295 - Christopher Sheffield/New Republic victory
2290 - Lewis Walker/National Patriots victory
2285 - Lewis Walker/National Patriots victory
2280 - Barbara Martins/New Republic victory

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